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I'm just your average guy who makes music for a passion. Music is a movement , and it's is my art. It's the only true form I have to express myself. There is never a reason to hate. There instead is a reason to learn. Use my music however you wish to.


Kaaden Beattie @Fr34ksh0wW1ll0w

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Wrestler , Musician

Graduate of Bayridge Secondary

Napanee, Ontario, Canada

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Posted by Fr34ksh0wW1ll0w - 11 days ago

Today is a sad day , as I must let you all know that I have failed No Nut November on only the 9th day. My weakness has saddened me horribly. I realise that this is something that most men should be able to complete easily , and now I must wear my shame ... Not like , jizz as shame , just shame as shame.

For those of you still in No Nut November , I salute you. Keep doing your best , and do not give in like I have to temptation. I believe in you , and in your abilities.

Basically , how I failed was I tried the start/stop technique , and eventually I didn't stop in time. :T So , uhh ... Yeah , that doesn't always work.


Posted by Fr34ksh0wW1ll0w - 2 weeks ago

If you want to use any of my music for any purposes , they're all available for download here on NewGrounds , and you can use them for any purposes that you wish. As are My Wife Divorced Me's tracks (band I'm in with KatzeRoyale [we make ... Scream-O mixed with random sounds for fun as opposed to my usual chillout & chill-house]).

If you want a specific track made for your game , animation , video , even just to listen to , don't be afraid to hit me up in the DM's.


Posted by Fr34ksh0wW1ll0w - 2 weeks ago

Just gonna put my Spotify Album & EP Links Here | In Order

Tomorrow "Frostbite" releases OwO

My Spotify -> https://open.spotify.com/artist/4696IffCHplOHNHVNMy9Hg?si=MAo3-O1kRnaAo19i3MJQ6A



Atom Explosion 15 [Sunny.Cave] (2019) -> https://open.spotify.com/album/1dczvxiLOlcY5RmJtuMUzw?si=rUIOusBWRJeFL34jqnksSQ




Posted by Fr34ksh0wW1ll0w - 2 weeks ago

Just passed day 2 of No Nut November , and already I want to kill myself. Please , dear Lord. When is Destroy Dick December going to CUM?! AGH!


Posted by Fr34ksh0wW1ll0w - 3 weeks ago

At first I didn't want to believe Katze when they told me that they were a ball of cheese. However , upon closer inspection of their photo in a mutual friend's Discord I finally realised that Katze truly IS a ball of cheese.

I mean , this may not be a big deal to alot of people , but how could I have been so blind? Part of me wants answers. If cheese is sentient , then I'm a horrible human-being , for I have eaten a fuck-ton of cheese in my life. I just want to curl up and cry.


Posted by Fr34ksh0wW1ll0w - August 15th, 2019


New album out today (100% Friend Juice) [Pt.1 - 100% Friend Juice , Pt.2 - 100% Norma Juice]

The best of them are numbers 1-11 in my better music playlist at the top.


Posted by Fr34ksh0wW1ll0w - August 6th, 2019


Posted by Fr34ksh0wW1ll0w - July 17th, 2019

FL Studio constantly crashes and I lose my tracks I make , hence why I still have to rush them out the ass and they seem lazily put together. SO! I'm going to try using Abelton Live for a bit , just until I can rack up $900+ to pay for the full version of FL Studio to save my fucking .flp's and be able to use them later. So ... For the time being , I'm not going to be using FL Studio 20.

I am also going to be working on a tribute song to my sister Jude called "Quit Changing the Fucking Song" a 13 minute piece that has been masterfully written. Look forward to it. Because it will make no fucking sense. Kind of like Freeform Jazz ... Just not as good.

Yes , I like freeform jazz , fuck off. XD

Posted by Fr34ksh0wW1ll0w - July 7th, 2019

Okay , so like , I love the fuck out of NewGrounds. I've been using the site since '08 and got an account in '16 because I could finally post my own stuff as an artist. It's the one site that's managed to keep me going on it daily for literally years , and so I'm thinking that since next year on July 6th is the 25th year anniversary , I should probably celebrate the best way I know how (Yes , I know this is posted on July 7th not 6th , I am a lazy bastard). A tattoo. I'm debating getting a NewGrounds tattoo , well , not debating because I'm getting it , I'm just debating on the design. If you guys wanna help me figure it out for July 6th of next year , I'm stuck between

  1. The NewGrounds Tank Logo
  2. The NewGrounds Lettering
  3. The NewGrounds NG Logo
  4. Pico
  5. Thing-Thing
  6. Salad Fingers
  7. Dad N' Me/Chainsaw the Children
  8. Alien Hominoid
  9. Castle Crashers
  10. Fernando (SexuaLobster / SexualLobster / Sexual-Lobster)

These are the 10 designs I'd consider. Because alot of my childhood and teen years were spent on NewGrounds , and even my adult-life is mainly on NewGrounds. It's the one site where I get constructive criticism and people actually care for the work I put in. It's indie creators and regular people , it's not big companies overshadowing everybody and everything. It's hard-working people like you and me who have a passion for artistic values and need a place to be ourselves. This is where we can go to express ourselves and show off our work and lend a hand to eachother. July 6 2020 will be the 25 year anniversary of NewGrounds , a quarter of a century old and still staying strong.

If anyone is interested , let me know which of the 10 I should get. Because I'll honestly do it. I'm excited thinking about it in all honesty. It'll be a tattoo that I'll be proud to show off.

Edit: Alien Hominid not Alien Hominoid , sorry. XD



Posted by Fr34ksh0wW1ll0w - July 5th, 2019

I think my mother is on the verge of disowning me , like 80% of my family has already done.