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Aiming for 500 tracks by the end of 2020 now. May as well have a goal in mind I guess. Well , 500 on NewGrounds anyways. Not posting my music before 2017 ... Ever ... Hopefully.

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I Cannot Hear (Much)

Posted by Fr34ksh0wW1ll0w - April 5th, 2020

Well ... Hearing is completely gone in my left ear , relying on my right ear which is torture. However I do not think that is shall be permanent (Thank God). However having 0 hearing in my good ear is horrible. I can barely even make out music when everything is at 100 due to my hearing in my right ear.

The ear infections have slowly been progressing to become worse as time goes on. I have had 4 since October of 2019 as well as in Summer of 2019 and 2 since 2020 has started. I am around 2 weeks into this infection and I just wish for it to end. However , I am also content with it as when I get back to 100 percent for audibility that I shall come back stronger.

From here on out there are no games , music is no longer just fun for me. This is my passion and this is my life-goal. I do not care if I get big or stay small , however what I do care about is quality. I shall have a goofy track every now and then , however nothing like my past tracks for fun which were just horrendous and I posted them anyways because of my own personal knowledge that they are not my serious tracks.

Sadly I still have EP's from my earlier years going until late 2021 , however there are only a handful. Meaning that so long as I can allow for my current music to be a step up that I believe I am ready to start sending my music to smaller youTube curators and getting my name out there a little bit.

Do not get me wrong , I heavily enjoy only being known to friends and family outside of NewGrounds , and the NewGrounds community is a second family of sorts. I fucking grew up on here , even at 8 years old I would spend hours just going through games and reading comments and loving how supportive everybody was back then and I never shied away from letting everybody know how much I loved it here , 8 years before I made an official account.

I am still going to upload to NewGrounds as well , that will never end. While other websites may come and go like Soundcloud where I do not post anymore , NewGrounds is the one website of which I shall always find the time for. I can never say how much I love NewGrounds. Although I have deleted several of my 2016 tracks , aside from the one guy who would comment about always fucking women to my music (which was sometimes tasteless) or repeating the N-Word over and over , alot of people were trying to help me improve.

Honestly , without NewGrounds I would have most likely given up on music before the end of 2017. However , here I got onto the audio portal in I believe it was March or April of 2017 and by 2018 my music was getting 200+ views on average which kept me motivated to continue without slowing down. Anywhere else my music has nobody that is willing to give it a chance , Soundcloud I average 0 listens , youTube I average 1 view , Spotify I average around 5 listens. Here I have people who will give criticism , vote , download , or even just listen and give it a chance.

This is the place I believe that all indie-musicians and indie-artists should give their work(s) a home to , as it is really the absolute best way to be able to get your work seen/heard as well as compare to others and know what needs working on. There are those handful of people who try to ruin it for others (especially those 13 year olds who post music that is not theirs and then question why they can't upload audio for a year , etc.) , however NewGrounds still stands strong as a community even today and I fucking love it here!

I know I keep repeating myself but I am throwing up , dizzy , falling down , shitting non-stop , loss of hearing , migraine , ear-pain , nausea and having drowsiness constantly right now (XD). It's not a good time for me (XD).


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Damn that sucks so much... I pray that you recover soon. You're a very strong person you know that? Life gets you down but you keep on getting back up. I respect and admire your strength. Stay strong and get well soon, all right!?

Aye. Thanks , Tamed. It is important that we all stay strong with how the world is currently.