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This animation has my favourite line in history.
"Yeah , well I don't love you. You failed abortion."

I still remember this Birthday Party from HELL as if it were yesterday. The whole party was chaos and awkwardness.
Love the storyboard animation. o 3 o

YES! Thank you for this.
It was hilarious as fuck , mate.

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I do not know why , though the game is not working for my desktop. :T , I would rather not tarnish score so 3.5 stars as that's around the average. :T

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TV Volume 28 - Nothing
TV Volume 29 - Crickets? XD

808's are really amazing , the drum beat is very nice and goes along with the song very well. Bit of a bop. UwU
The pads give it an ambient feeling to it which I really enjoy.
I like how it has rap and scream-o mixed in together , it's a combination that I honestly hear very little. But you guys made it work.
Your vocals fit the track very well too. UwU

I only back up my ass for Count Valga.

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Miz said they have an ugly ASS BELLY , and I think they should see a doctor about it. I never even knew an ass belly was a thing.
Nice drawing though. UwU
[I know you'll laugh at that one]

OwO Them hips don't lie. ;)
... Because hips can't talk.

I like your art-style , especially the eyes. They're like the hardest thing to draw on the face ... Aside from ears , but they're on the head , not ... Not on the face ... ANYWAY! solid work , 4.5 stars. I feel like Elizabeth would be a good name for her.

For those who really care about what I think

I feel like a proud parent who just taught their kid how to ride a bike.
And the kid didn't even die yet.
So like , BONUS!
Reminds me of when I got ran over by my aunt on my bike.
Good times.
Wait ...
No ...
Yeah , good times.
- My response to when LunarCatX posted this to NewGrounds

Name's Kaaden Beattie. Once 319 pounds , now hanging around 260. 172 cm.
Training to become a wrestler on the independent circuit right now under the name Liam Willows. I also make music under the name fr34ksh0w_w1ll0w. I want Donald Trump to spank me.

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