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If only I could be that majestic on tha acoustic guitar. :3

Was excited and went to see the series and channel , though apparently they no longer exist on youTube , which is saddening. I hope it is merely a glitch.

So true.

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I'm confused , but laughing a bit. It's cool.

I am in fucking love.

Love it. Musical tits are best tits.

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Kasger, Limitless - Miles Away.
Listened to it , then the track , and overlapped them. They're the exact same from what I can tell. No differences.

Good track , has trap and dubstep elements to it which I really enjoy. And reading your description I feel your pain , there's no chillout option so I often have to put mine as Ambient or Miscellaneous.

The beginning it okay , I enjoy the vox and the overlaying synths , with one being grungy (dubstep like) and the other being more trap-like. The build-up is a little cliche , but the drop is really good. I like how it goes back down into being a more chill-trap type track after and it sounds like you have and 8bit arpeggio in the background which helps to fill the background up and not keep everything the same. The 2nd drop is good too , could have used a little bit of a darker synth/more grungy synth , though I do like how it doesn't stay like that until the end of the track and how you go back to the previous pattern where it's more of a chill-trap type. All in all an 8/10 from me , good sir/ma'am/other.

There's no shame on not being Pegboard (or Pegbeard) Nerds yet. It's going to take time to learn how to mix and master. Hell , I still can barely sidechain and I've been making music for 3 years. So you're already on a good start , mate.

Also , I noticed in Misc. Kit "Fruity Loop 11" , Fruity Loops Studio 20 is out right now if you want to give it a try.

NVRNV1 responds:

wow idk what to say thanks for the help and feedback, very nice of u thanks for that and liking it. c: and yeah i have 11 cause its what the computer I got had on there maybe ill find 20 too who knows ;D

Kind of reminds me of Homestuck.

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Everything you draw is so feckin' cuets. <3 :3 :3 :3

PinkLatias responds:

aww, thank youu~!

... I have several questions. XD

'Dat PHAT ASS tho'!

I'm just your average guy who makes music for a passion. Music is a movement , and it's is my art. It's the only true form I have to express myself. There is never a reason to hate. There instead is a reason to learn. Use my music however you wish to.


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