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Aye , 'tis an alright animation. Remember to keep up what you're doing , they say it takes 10,000 hours to master a craft. I believe that in 2 or 3 years you could have every or almost every animation front-paged if you keep up the hard work.

AnarchyAxel responds:

aww thankx dude
ill be sure to keep up the good work

I don't remember mixing in cocaine with my water ... Must have.


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Never before have I been glad that I was a whiz-kid at chemistry (though I suck at biology) [UwU].

Play 1: Gentleman Ending (:3)
Play 2: [I feel bad for the homeless man ; w ;] ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... O_O

I fucking love Buhta , funny as fuck. The absolute best character in ANY (+18) Game ever created!
I love that we get to name our group "Buhta". I can finally die happy.
The game is truly amazing. Glad it's on NewGrounds.
Sadly I lost and had to redo a fuckton.
However , it is worth it.
The only problem I have with the game is that I have to hold Shift to walk , as not holding it makes the character run.
Playing this game from where I left off , right when the objective is to find Eloise.
Definitely going to try and re-create the music of this game in the future. :3 (if permission is granted)
Everything about this game is so fucking good!
Even in the survey , I could not contain my love for Buhta and his humour. :D

MackUGame responds:

Glad to hear you like him haha.
And yeah the game does offer to save sometimes but I still recommend to save on your own sometimes just in case. There aren't many game-over moments in the game ( most of the time you simply get teleported to the infirmary if you lose.) but yeah, it can happen, that's something I might actually change to avoid punishing those who forget to save tho.

And yeah, I felt like the character was too slow when walking so I made it so that he's always running but I might add an option to change that if I see that some people prefer it the other way around, that way every player can decide what fit them best.
Thank you for the feedback and for your appreciation of the game!

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I am so glad that I saw this whilst it is still up (OWO).

X3LL3N responds:

I know right ? xD
I would die of laughter if I got a weekly award with this ngl :)

This reminds me of the N64 music in a sense , like same sounds y'know? Pretty cool.

Cool that you brought the bass from "DEMISE" into this one. You're getting better as you go along (UwU). Keep it up , Grim.

GrimJimmy responds:

Thanks dude! :)

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Okay ... Heres the thing. I absolutely love the Piposaru (Pipo Monkeys) to an unholy extent. Every time I see them I just get a rush of nostalgia to my childhood when there weren't such scary things as taxes , rent or having to eat healthy (bleh).
I absolutely love this to an unholy extent , keep it up (UwU).

Damnit , now I'm pissed that I never got a feckin' sheep for my birthdays as a child. All I got was love and presents. ( ; w ; ) Who wouldn't trust a child with a sheep , eh?

I'd say thanks for the nightmares ... But I think this thing'll kill me before I even get to my bed (:P).

Aiming for 500 tracks by the end of 2020 now. May as well have a goal in mind I guess. Well , 500 on NewGrounds anyways. Not posting my music before 2017 ... Ever ... Hopefully.

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